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Well I have to apologise for my lack of posts recently. I could give a number of excuses but none would even make up for the damage this has caused. Only joking. I am pretty sure myself and a couple of my lovely friends read this. So too Mr Mark Siddle and Mr Mark Booth, I am sorry.

Too start things off I thought I would post a few outfit photos from my holiday! I went to Barcelona and Benicassim for a week in July, it was absolutely lovely! Lots of fun and drinks.

Festival trends I noticed -

Daisy Chain hairbands…still. I am really not a fan, its been done to death and to be honest I think paying anything for a daisy chain is unacceptable. If you are going to don some floral headgear, I beg of you, make your own! One its much more fun and two you can spend your pennies on much less trivial hair accessories.

Denim Hotpants - I am very much guilty of this as are most of the female festival goers. But denim hotpants go with everything and you can dance till your hearts content without having to worry about compromising your dignity!

Crochet Waistcoats/Vests - Often teamed with the above. A look which I still don’t love unless Sienna Miller is wearing it.

There was a girl, and wish I had got a photo because she looked A-mazing. She was rocking black sheer palazzo pants and a neon cropped bra top, it was underwear as outerwear done better than I had ever seen it and for some reason although it was really obviously sexy it worked perfectly for the festival because she was beautiful enough to have next to nothing make up and just happened to have perfectly sun kissed beach hair. JEALOUS.

Anyways here’s some of my looks of the holiday which take a lot of make up and hairspray… and staying in a hotel during the festival. Some of us just aren’t blessed.


This was the Topshop dress I got a while back. I wore it on my trip to Barcelona FC Stadium, I mean what does one leave to a Football Tour?


Full on H&M get up here, for a night on the tiles in Barca. Love those boots, another Topshop gem, so versatile. Please ignore my unusually small hand!


This is my favourite outfit of the festival. Its a playsuit I got from Beyond Retro and its oh so flattering because it flares out under the bust.


I am not sure what I was thinking when I wore this for a festival but I just think I really wanted to wear a bow and love the purple blouse. Blouse from Topshop, Bow is just a bit of black ribbon and H&M basic skirt.


The denim hotpants are out! My trusty failsafe hotpants. Every girl should own some. Teamed with a sale Urban Outfitters shirt.


My fashion faux pas. A shiny pink Adidas vest. I was channelling Eliza Doolittle! Haha. But I do love it and if I can wear it at anytime it was at a festival!

Last but not least I’ve got a couple of photos of my boyfriend. There were a couple of things he wore that I just loved. His Hawaiian shirt that I brought him from To be worn again in Brighton and a really nice checked shirt by Carhartt. The Hawaiian shirt is the best though, the yellow really complimented his sun bleached hair! Haha.


Girls here’s a quick beauty tip. Pick up this months GLAMOUR Magazine, it’s 2 bob and there’s 3 Benefit gifts to choose from! They might not be full size but who can say no too a little £2 Benefit Delight!

Girls here’s a quick beauty tip. Pick up this months GLAMOUR Magazine, it’s 2 bob and there’s 3 Benefit gifts to choose from! They might not be full size but who can say no too a little £2 Benefit Delight!

Colour Blocked. Ta.

PhotobucketI am starting to think I am the only person in the world who does not love colour blocking!?

Clearly I massively missed the boat on this one.

Every year this comes about at Spring, and every year I cringe at the thought. I just think it is all a bit too much. Cheryl Cole X Factor USA. Case and point.

Every shop window seems to of adopted it this week, River Island has a full on colour blocking window as well as Topshop.

I am all for a flash of bright neon, or a mental 80’s jumper. But I just despise colour blocking. I mean don’t get me wrong sometimes it is done to absolute perfection, the catwalk 9 times out of 10 seems to get it right. Marc Jacobs rocked it in all 3 of his collections this year Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, however it just seems that after catwalk it just gets lost in translation because a lot of people just get it wrong. Saying all this, Gucci made me swallow my colour block pride when I saw this runway photo from Spring 2011.PhotobucketGorgeous fabric, aesthetically pleasing clashing, just plain genius. However the fabric itself, even though luxurious, is not the most flattering. Seen here on Kim Kardashian another ensemble from the Gucci collection, but that satin and her womanly curves, although she not overweight in the slightest it just doesn’t work. Still kudos to Kim she still shows up Cheryl in that net-a-porter copy cat look.

If you do love colour blocking and want to look the business I think there’s just a few things to remember. Basically try colours in the same family for a more relaxed look for example dusky roses and pale pinks, add contrasting accessories if you’re not daring enough for a full on colour blocked look, or if you are up for that try deep jewel purples with bright oranges or even fuchsias with orange. Just play around, at the end of the day in that much colour at least you’ll be in a good mood. How could you not be?



Would you please be so kind too stop making such beautiful clothes. I literally cry every time I walk into your shop as I can’t afford anything.


Much Love.

Libby Rose

Get Shirty

PhotobucketI am starting to think my little blouse obsession is getting a tad bit ridiculous!

I have come to this conclusion due to the following reasons.

When other people start pointing out on Facebook that in a lot of your profile pictures you are wearing similar shirts.

When you get dressed up to go out and your boyfriends first comment is not “oh you like nice” but “oh I’d never guess you would wear a blouse”

When you meet a girl at a store opening who you’ve known all of two minutes and she says to you “I think I get your style, you like all these cute shirts and blouses”

PhotobucketAnd last but not least when you look in your wardrobe and you realise that the double rail is full of shirts, white, cream, sleeveless, blue, peach, sheer, cropped, masculine.

The photo is just about an 8th of what I own. But I just can’t stop. I love them, I love anything with a collar or anything I can button all the way up. But is that such a bad thing? I mean fair enough I am a little predictable but hey, at least you know what your getting, and I always look smart.

But it seems I am not the only one. Every self respecting member of the fash pack is working the blouse. Alexa Chung looks awesome in her studded blouse, and Clemence Poesy wears the the button down masculine blouse effortlessly. And their all over the catwalk, from Jason Wus sheer blouses to Christopher Kanes neon piped blouse to Karen Walkers ditzy floral shirts.

PhotobucketThere is literally a blouse for everyones style and taste, and there’s literally one for every occasion. You can’t go wrong! Just make sure to buy one that fits comfortably so no ones Ta tas pop out! Nothing worse than blouse gaping!

Anyways poppets I am off to do some ironing…the downside to shirts!

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